Anna’s Story: S.P.D. & MaternaLIFT


I was bothered by lower back pain all pregnancy but it started to get much worse as I entered my third trimester. The ache my lower back extended to my hips and walking started to get a lot more difficult. My 36th week I woke up with severe pain in my pubic area. By the time my OB sent me to labor and delivery to run some tests, I was wheelchair-bound and the pain was excruciating. After determining I was not in labor and my previous C-section incision was not opening, they sent me home with a diagnosis of round ligament pain. Needless to say, the diagnosis felt dismissive and I was wheeled out feeling like hypochondriac. When I got home, I immediately went online and started searching for my symptoms. Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction seemed to fit all of my symptoms. I started researching treatment options. I came upon many support belts and read reviews diligently.  I was immediately drawn to The Maternalift bodysuits because it seemed to function differently than any other belt. I was also impressed that it was designed by a physical therapist who specializes in prenatal care. I ordered one online and received it less than 48 hrs. It was comfortable and easy to put on. Along with a daily stretch, I have been wearing the Maternalift 24 hours a day because I feel SO much better with it on! I am up walking around- unassisted and I am able to enjoy the last weeks of my pregnancy! I feel so relieved that I took a chance on this product and it was exactly what my weary body needed to regain alignment.



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